1991/92 Nenagh Tour

Nenagh had the advantage that a quick trip to Dublin followed by a long trip through Ireland by coach meant that we had to stop off for several Guinness stops along the way! They say the Guinness is better in Ireland, we certainly thought it was! Nenagh was such a welcoming little town. When the pubs shut, they opened up a little while later. It was supposed to be secret, but just about everyone in the town was in one or other of the back rooms. Music, dancing and hospitality abounded and, when we'd had too much Guinness, then they poured us Gaelic coffee, in what appeared to be pint mugs ... heaven!

1992 was a defining moment for a certain generation of HOBs. For your's truly it was my last rugby tour, my last game of rugby and my first game of golf.


Photo 1: 1992 Luton Airport, mate!

Paul Browning, John Attree, Jenny Bosley, Kev Lewis

Photo 2: 1992 Nenagh Hotel

Steve Wright, Tim Evans, Dennis Keen, Andy Langman, ??, John Attree, Steve Dixon