Bob Evans Memories

Bob played in the 1960's and 70's and was one of the club stalwarts when I arrived. One incident that sticks in my mind ...

After a particularly brutal encounter that made a rather gory mess to Bob Evans' face, (always difficult to tell the difference) the ref was very keen that Bob left the field of play due to the extent of his injuries. Bob looked pleadingly at the ref and was heard to say "don't make me go off ref, I know who did it!"


Amendment: Our opponents on the day were RAF Abingdon and I got him the next year!


The B-Club Teds

I have this photo from Rodney Taylor's wedding all were members of the rugby club. It includes several who are no longer with us, including Dave Auty, Don Summers, Frank Freeman, Tom Laing and Roger White. All lived in Icknield Way House and were know collectively as the B club teds.