Keith Russell Memories

Keith played for Harwell in the '70's ......

The tour was in May 1971, during my first full season at Harwell RFC, (I worked at Didcot PS 'til 1974). Despite vast quantities of booze, we actually beat AAC RFC (Amsterdam Athletic Club)

Unfortunately, I don't remember many names - obviously Ray was Captain; I'm the bearded handsome one, three along from Brian Arnold. The chap next to Brian (Ron) played for Didcot in the back row. In front of Brian is Mike Galpin, on Ray's right is Daryl (Reece?). The balding chap (in the front) was from AWRE, as was the chap (with the high forehead) behind him.

1970/71 Amsterdam Tour

Back Row: Don Madden; ?; ?; Tony Stevens; ?; Keith Russell; ?; ?; Brian Arnold

Front Row: ?; ?; Ray Coulthard; ?; Dave Phippen; Mick Galpin