Team Photographs

Here are the official Harwell Old Boys team photographs through the years, they're in chronological order except where we don't know the exact year .

If you can put a year to any ? please let us know via Contact Us.

You'll notice that a few of the names have ? against them as well, if you can put a name to the face, please let us know via the Contact Us.

Finally, if you have any team photographs that don't appear in this collection, please send them through to Andy Langman.

1948/49 1st XV

Back Row: ?, ?, John Morrison, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bob Batchelor, ?

Front Row: ?, ?, ?, Bob Jackson, Hugh Roskell, ?

1950/51 1st XV

Back Row: F. S. (Frank) Richards (Touch Judge); Bill Howe; D. J. M.(Judge) Bevan; L.O. (Laurie) Brown; Ron Newcombe; Clayton Evans; R. W. P. McWhirter; Bob Batchelor; N. J. D. (Nigel) Prosser; W. E. (Bill) Crompton ( Referee).

Front Row: J. E. (Jack) Cameron; E. (Paddy) Hurley; Hugh Roskell; H. A. (Dai) Roberts (Captain); T. F. Williams; J. G. S. (John) Biram; Hamish Small.

This was in 195x

195? South Wales Tour

Back Row: ? - ? - ? - Rob Morgan - ? - ? - Derrick Ricketts—Johnny Maskery

Front Row: ? - ? - ? - Wally Spittle—Frank Williams—Johnny Roberts—Jack Cameron—Malcolm Adams —Ken Allen

1953/54 1st XV

Back Row: Referee, Frank Williams,"Chummy" Woodhouse, Brian Bell, ? , ?, ?, ?, Clayton Evans, Jimmy Hill (in blazer)

Front Row: ?, ?, ?, Jack Cameron, Eddie Relph, Derek Ricketts, Hamish Small

1953/54 Harwell 7's

Back Row: John Morrison, John (Jack) Cameron, Frank Williams, Brian Bell.

Front Row: Derek Ricketts, Johnny Roberts and Hamish Small.

1955/56 1st XV

Back Row: Wally Spittle; F. W. K. (Frank) Firk; M. J. (Mike) Blakestone; Gordon Wells; D. J. (Jack) Pulling; J. J. Thresher; Clayton Evans; John Leng; Robin Morgan; John Kirkbride; Ron Marsden.

Center Row: J. R.(John) Roberts; B. T. (Brian) Bell; T. F. Williams (Capt.); Ken Allen; Frank Jagger.

Front Row: Derek Ricketts; Malcolm Adams.

1955/56 2nd XV

Back Row, John Bloodworth,? Benjafield, Bob Huber, Jim Rouke, Mike Hussein, John Hunt ,?, ?, Peter ? Peter ?

Middle row, Alan Brennan, Ray Jowett, Ian Johnson, Hugh Roskell, ?

Front row, Bill Baker, Mike Blakestone.

1955/56 3rd XV

Back row, ? Philpot, Alan Brennan, Sid Burnett, Geoff Arnison, Bryn Powell, Keith Diggle, ?,?,?,Fran Brookes

Front row, ?, Roger Kelley Middle row, Derek Cawthorne, Bob Huber, Bill Baker, ?, Smokey Jones,

1958/59 2nd XV

Back row, Colin Chiswell, Chummy Woodhouse, Bob Evans, ? Robin Turner, Terry (Smokey) Jones, Roger (Taff) White, Mike Blakestone, Kirk (Pancho) Dawson, John Edwards, Albert Jackson, Ivor Goddard, ?(groundsman)

Second row, John Morralee, Jim Rouke, Norman Price, Alan Ball, Brian Bellamy

Front row, Alan Avery, Keith Poole, Bill Baker

196? 1st XV

Back row: Derek Manners, David Philips, Tony Stevens, Ron Payne , Eddie Athey, Steve Dixon.

Middle row: Ray Coulthard, Ray Morgan, Frank Freeman, Dick Bradley, Don Summers.

Front row: Griff Griffiths, Martin Adamson, Tim Sanders, Dave Endacott.

196? Team Photograph

Back Row: ?; ?; Joe Corrigan ?; ?; ?; ?; ?;

Middle Row: ?; Dave Endacott; Brian Arnold; Alan Burt; Paul Edwards

Front Row: ?; ?; ?

196? 1st XV

Back row:Barry Holliday, Ray Spencer (Whack), Alan Edwards, Brian Smith (Smudger), Carl Woods, Alan White, Don Summers, Mick Galpin.

Front row: Steve Elliott, Ray Coulthard, Mick Clarke, Terry Flanagan, Basil England, Joe Corrigan, Bob Evans.

196? 1st XV

Back Row: Ray Morgan; Frank Freman; Steve Dixon; John Elthick, Brian Arnold; John Buffery; Chris Tonge; Keith Russell.

Front Row: Dave Rydon; Paul Edwards; Colin Uden; Ray Coulthard; Tim Sanders; Dave Jones; Alan Edwards

1961/62 Ted's XV

Back row, Brian Bellamy, Mike Blakestone, Kirk (Pancho) Dawson, ?, Taff White, Bob Crawford, Robin Turner, Pete West, John Edwards

Second row, Chummy Woodhouse, Bryn Powell, Gerry Wallace, Bob Evans, Bob Huber, Colin Chiswell.

Front row, Noddy Barlett, Bill Baker

24th March 1963, Harwell v Saclay at Gif sur Yvette

Johnny Morralee, Bill Baker, ?, Don Summers, ?, ?, ?, ?, Tony Harvey, Eddie Athey, Ron Screech, Frank Freeman, Ken ??

1963/64, Harwell Before Saclay Return Match

Bill Baker, Dave Auty, Ray Coulthard, Johnny Morralee, Ken ??, Don Summers, Tony Stevens, Graham Shorthill, Ron Screech, Eddie Athey, Frank Freeman, Tony Harvey

1964/65 Harwell 7's

Back Row: ??, ??, Dick Bradley, John Arthurs

Front Row: Rodney Taylor?, Bill Baker, Ron Screech

1965/66 1st XV Winning Side vs Saclay

Back Row: Steve Dixon; Alan Oliver; ?, Ron Payne; ?, David Hill

Middle Row: Jim Dix; Dave Endacott; Ray Coulthard; Eddie Athey; ?

Front Row: Dick Bradley; John Moralee; John Arthurs; Brian Arnold

1970/71 Amsterdam Tour

Back Row: Don Madden; ?; ?; Tony Stevens; Chris Noble; Keith Russell; ?; ?; Brian Arnold

Front Row: ?; ?; Ray Coulthard; ?; Dave Phippen; Mick Galpin

1972/73 Aldwell Lions Bournemouth Tour

Back row: Brian Arnold, ?, Ray Coulthard, ?, ?, ?, ?

Front row: Simon Henderson, ?, ?, Ollie (A), ?, Colin Bartlett, ?, ?

1973/74 Aldwell Lions Bournemouth Tour

Back row: ?, ?, ?, Andy Langman, Colin Uden, ?, ?, Steve Wright, Lester Ferguson

Front row: ?, ?, Colin Bartlett, Ollie (A), Brian Arnold, Borrowed Hooker (prior to broken leg!)

1977/78 1st XV

Back Row: Henry Hall, Simon Edwards, Pete Duffy, Brian Arnold, John Cook, Pete McIntyre, Kevin Shaw, Paul Browning, Steve Dixon, Steve Wright.

Front Row: Nick Millett, Simon Paul, Pug (Chris) Godding, Lester Ferguson, Andy Langman, Bob Evans, Colin Cooke

1978/79 Club Training Session

Scouse (John) Dawson, Andy Langman, Dennis Russell, Paul Thompson, Bert Blewett, Lester Ferguson, Tim Saunders, Larry Lewis, Simon Edwards, Wooly, Paul Browning, Nick Millett, Colin Cooke, Pete McIntyre.

1979/80 1st XV .... The Pride

Back Row: Simon Edwards, Tim Evans, Larry Lewis, Tony Harvey, Chris Godding, Richard Ryan, Andy Langman, Nick Millett

Front Row: Jerry Burbage, Tim Sanders, Paul Coles, Richard Radcliffe, Tony Carter, Cliff Richards, John Guiering

1979/80 1st XV .... The Fall

1979/80 Aldwell Lions Great Yarmouth Tour

Back row: Paul Browning, Mike Pricktoe (A), ?, Biffo (A), ?,Pete Ford (A), Jed (A), Cliff Richard, Andy (A)

Front row: Nick Millett, Chris Mason, Paul Coles, Dick Ryan, Simon Henderson, Jerry Burbage, Andy Langman

1980/81 Abingdon 7's

Back Row: Jerry Burbage, Colin Banks, Larry Lewis, Chris Horton, Chris ?

Front Row: Richard Radcliffe, Andy Langman, Tony Carter, Paul Thompson

1982/83 Harwell 7's - The White Hart Team

Back Row: Simon Henderson, Pete Duffy, Mike Wilkes, Nick Millett,

Front Row: Tony (Sweeney) Dearlove, Rob Chambers, Jim Douglas

September 1984 Abingdon 7's - Ivor Boas Plate Competition Winners

Back Row: Jerry Burbage, Nick Millett, Tony Carter, Larry Lewis

Front Row: Andy Langman, Grant McCall, Paul Coles

1984/85 Breda Tour

Harwell players bottom right: Nick Millett , Ansar Ali, Andy Huggins (Doug Bosley out of picture!)

1985/86 Abingdon 7's - Losing Finalists In Plate Competition

Back Row: Nick Millett, Ian Bland, Andy Langman, John Bevan

Front Row: Simon Henderson, Neil Graffton, John Wibbling (Abingdon)

1986/87 Jersey Tour

Back Row: Larry Lewis; Chris Cairns; Graham Beland; H; Steve Wright; Andy Langman; Ted Lewis; Paul Coles; Duncan McMillan

Front Row: Gary daLuz Vieira; Richard Radcliffe; Dougie Bosley; Nigel Cook; Paul Browning; Nick Millett

1986/87 Jersey Touring Party

Back Rows: Mark, Guy, Richard Radcliffe, Larry Lewis, Duncam McMillan, Neil, Paul Coles, Steve Wright, Tim Evans, Paul Browning, Ted Lewis, Dave Hammond, Graham Beland, Morris, Pete, Nick Millett

Front row: Voodo, Doug Bosley, Rob Harding, John Hill, Gary De Luz, Rob McMillan, Nigel Cook, Andy Langman, Jinxy, H, Dennis Keen

John Attree was also there but had gone for a walk!

1987/88 1st XV

Back Row: Paul Coles, Andy Langman, Simon?, Mike Airey, Rob Ponting, Spud, Pug, Matt Cooper

Front Row: Nick Millett, Jerry Burbage, Ian Bland, Nigel Cook, Chris Mason, Scouse, Bert Blewitt, Dick Kearns, Bert's lads (Luke & Lee)

1987/88 3rd XV

Back Row: John Attree, Jinxy, Ronnie, Beaf, Steve, Rob McMillan, Tim Evans,?

Front Row: John Hill, Neil Grafton, Dennis Keen, Gary da Luz, Martin Connolly, ?

1988/89 Portugal Tour - Coimbra - Red Nose Day

Back Row: Mike Yates, Ted Lewis, Jinxy, Ronnie Ross, Dave Hammond, H, John Attree , Gary da Luz Vieira, Rob Ponting, Spud Murphy, Nolan Thomas, Phil Scott, Rob Mcmillan,

Front Row: Chris Mason, Andy Langman, Morris, Nigel Cook,?, Brian Arnold, Julian Godfrey, Paul Browning

1988/89 Portugal Tour - Prior To Playing Coimbra (Dave Hammond Refereed, we drew 4-4)

Back Row: Andy Langman, Ted Lewis, Brian Arnold, Ronny Ross, Spud Murphy, Rob Ponting, Julian Godfrey, Mike Yates, Nick Millett, Jinxy, John Attree

Front Row: Phil Scott, Duncan McMillan, Nigel Cook, Chris Morris, Gary da Luz Vieira, Chris Mason

1988/89 Portugal Tour - Prior To Playing Portuguese National Side (We lost 134-0)

Back Row: Noel Thompson, Andy Langman, Ronnie Ross, Ted Lewis, Spud Murphy, Duncan McMillan, Rob Ponting, John Attree, H, Mike Yates, Jinxy, Nick Millett, Brian Arnold

Front Row: Nigel Cook, Rob McMillan, Julian Godfrey, Gary de Luz Vieira, Phil Scott, Morris, Chris Mason

1990/91 Belgium Tour

Back Row: Ray Couthard, Nolan Thompson, Mike Yates, Jinxy, Steve Wright, Rob Ponting, Morris, Nolan's dad.

Front Row: Doug Bosley, Paul Browning, Dennis Keen, Ted Lewis, Brian Arnold, Dave Hammond, John Attree

1997/98 Harwell Old Boys XV - 50th Anniversary Game (Princess Di Funeral Day)

Back Row: Richard Radcliffe, Di Jones, Pete Phillips, Nick Millett, Andy Langman, Eddie Forsyth , Steve Wright, Mike Yates, Ray Coulthard, Richard Homewood, Brian Flanders

Front Row: Colin Bartlett, Simon Edwards, Alan Poulter, Simon Roots, Brian Arnold, Ted Lewis, ?

1997/98 Harwell XV - 50th Anniversary Game (Princess Di Funeral Day)

Back Row: John Dawson, Chris Mason, Brian Pigott, James Connolly, Spud Murphy, Rob Ponting, Mike Aiery, Huw Waters,

Front Row: Martin Whitelock, Andy Whitford, Doug Bosley, Kev Lewis, Steve Pitts, Simon Henderson, Jim Douglas