Brian Arnold Memories

Brian has provided a wealth of photographic and other memorabilia covering his 5 decades of active involvement with the club.

Much has been said by and about "Dad" and his time at Harwell. A rugby career that didn't start until an age at which most of us were thinking of hanging up "our old black boots". His 40 seasons representing Harwell on the pitch from 1965/66 through 2004/05 overlapped with his continuing off-pitch role as President of the club, which commenced back in 1981.

Here, in his own words, in an extract from the programme for the 50th anniversary of the club, he sums up feelings shared by many current and Old Harwell Boys. The words and sentiments still as relevant today, as then:

Having been concerned personally with the club since 1965/66 season, memories are flooding back - not necessarily of special games, of which we had quite a few, but more of people (literally hundreds) that have played for us during my time here.

People like Ray Coulthard who always seemed to upset the opposition and the referee with his special version of the Rugby League "Cumberland Yonk" tackle; or that of the fiery ginger haired prop who, after eating his half-time orange, would squeeze the peel on to his forehead; on receiving queries about this would reply "it may get in their eyes!"; or John Pike, a scrum half of no little skill who, most games, would deposit his breakfast and the ball behind the opponent's try line; or John Fisher after getting changed for the game would dot Vaseline on all the usual places then finish off by swallowing a large dollop - and the young fellow working at Compton Animal Research Labs., on being asked what he did there, reluctantly and in some length of time, admitted (or at least his friend (?) did for him) that his job entailed sexually exciting chickens to obtain their semen - the mind boggled!!

I could fill a book with people's idiosyncrasies, foibles and special talents, but I suspect we all have our own special memories. All of which have contributed to some wonderful times and brought me into contact with a host of chaps who I feel privileged to call friends.


Brian in 1991 with son-in-law Pete Roots and grandson Simon On the occasion of his 60th birthday.

1962/63 Saclay Tour Report

This was the first visit of Harwell to Saclay, although not mentioned in the tour report, the date of 1963 is confirmed by the fact that they watched France vs Wales (France won 5-3) on March 23rd.

1963 Saclay Tour Report: Page 1

Don Summers, ?? Connor, Johnny Morralee, Eddie Athey, ?? Cunningham-Hicks, ?? Howey, Dave Auty,

Bill Baker, ?? Dimond, ?? Mendham, Tony Harvey, Ron Screech, Wally Spittle, ?? Crawford, Frank Freeman, ?? Crompton

1963 Saclay Tour Report: Page 2

Originals of these photos can be found in Ron Screech's memories pages.

1965/66 1st XV Saclay Tour UK

ATOM News Cutting June 1966

Mentioned: Johnny Morralee, Ray Coulthard, ?? Arthurs, ?? Hill, ?? Dix, ?? Jaggard, ?? Crawford, Frank Freeman

AERE News Cutting May, 1966

1965/66 1st XV Winning Side vs Saclay

Back Row: Steve Dixon; Alan Oliver; ?, Ron Payne; ?, David Hill

Middle Row: Jim Dix; Dave Endacott; Ray Coulthard; Eddie Athey; ?

Front Row: Dick Bradley; John Moralee; John Arthurs; Brian Arnold

1968/69 Abingdon 7's

We don't have any photos of this yet, does anyone of you winners out there have a scrap album?

An extract from the AERE RUGBY CLUB NEWS SHEET, October 1969

4. Congratulations are due to our successful 7's teams

The team wining the Ivor Boas Plate Competition was:-

M. Adamson (Capt.)

R. Coulthard

G. Griffith

M. Galpin

J. Pike

J. Buffery

D. Pullen

More surprising was the success of the scratch side at the Beer Barrel 7's. The team consisted of:-

R. Coulthard (Capt.)

W. Bickerdyke

R. Morgan

G. Rhodes

M. Galpin

J. Corrigan

D. Madden

1968/69 21st Anniversary

To commemorate the 21st anniversary of the club, an invitation XV played the 1st XV. Earlier in the year, the rugby club had played a Football Club "select" XI for the Watson trophy. Whatever happened to that?

Team Sheet 21st Anniversary Fixture

AERE News Cutting 25th April, 1968

1970/71 Amsterdam Tour

1970/71 Amsterdam Tour

Back Row: Don Madden; ?; ?; Tony Stevens; ?; Keith Russell; ?; ?; Brian Arnold

Front Row: ?; ?; Ray Coulthard; ?; Dave Phippen; Mick Galpin

1972/73 Bournemouth Tour

The team formed of Harwell and Aldermaston, believed to be at Bournemouth in 1973, but could have been 1971!

1972/73 Aldwell Lions Bournemouth Tour

Back row: Brian Arnold, ?, Ray Coulthard, ?, ?, ?, ?

Front row: Simon Henderson, ?, ?, Ollie (A), ?, Colin Bartlett, ?, ?

1973/74 Bournemouth Tour

No words needed here, we have the originally scripted tour report, in full, to explain the goings on!

1973/74 Aldwell Lions Bournemouth Tour

Back row: ?, ?, ?, Andy Langman, Colin Uden, ?, ?, Steve Wright, Lester Ferguson

Front row: ?, ?, Colin Bartlett, Ollie (A), Brian Arnold, Borrowed Hooker (prior to broken leg!)

1974/75 Season Review & Women's 7's

1974/75 wasn't the club's finest season, as you can read from the club report below.

However, we did spot a gap in the market and innovated our way to introduce women's rugby in the end of season 7's competition. Thoroughly enjoyed by all involved and watching, although many reported feeling a little stiff afterwards!

1974/75 Season Review

Touch, Pause, Engage, Marry!

Ball, what ball?

Sue has time for a game of Twister!

1975/76 Press Cuttings

In the 1975/76 season, Brian was 3rd XV Captain. These press cuttings are from his team selection book.

In the back of that book he lists the players who played for the 3rd XV that year, 68 in total over 21 games!

Cutting 1: 26th September, 1975

Cutting 2: 9th October 1975

Cutting 3: 23rd October 1975

Cutting 4: 20th November, 1975

Note - 3 games in a week!

Cutting 5: 6th December, 1975

Cutting 6: 30th September, 1976

Cutting 7: 22nd January, 1976

1990/91 Belgium Tour

[Need some help here with any goings-on in Antwerp ... Name me 5 famous Belgians!]

1991 Tour Of Antwerp, watching the paint dry!

Nolan Thompson, Nolan's Dad, Steve Wright, Mike Yates, John Attree, Dougie Bosley, Paul Browning, Ted Bear, Ted Lewis

1991 Antwerp Tour, watching the paint dry!

Steve Wright, Ray Coulthard, Dave Hammond, Brian Arnold, Paul Browning, Dougie Bosley, Jenny Bosley

1990/91 Generation Game

Part way through a 50 - 0 thrashing by local rivals, Grove, a young Harwell player by the name of Simon Roots turned to the referee and said "excuse me sir, my granddad's not feeling too well". Somewhat surprised, the referee scanned the sidelines but could see no village elders in trouble. "No" said the youngster, "not on the sideline, in the scrum over there!" What the referee didn't realise was that the then 59 year old Brian Arnold, his 39 year old son-in-law, Pete, and his 17 year old grandson, were all playing in the same team for Harwell! Who said there's a generation gap?

Brian, son-in-law Pete and Grandson, Simon make the headlines!

19xx/xx On A Boat With WAGs

[Need some help here to identify year and destination]

19xx On Boat To ??

Paul Browning, Brian Arnold, Richard Radcliffe, Steve Wright, Lester Fergusson

The WAGs

Val Browning, Alanah Fergusson, Kath Wright, Brenda Arnold, Emily Radcliffe

196x/6x Team Photograph

Need some help to identify the years

196x Team Photograph

Back Row: ?; ?; Joe Corrigan ?; ?; ?; ?; ?;

Middle Row: ?; Dave Endacott; Brian Arnold; Alan Burt; Paul Edwards

Front Row: ?; ?; ?

19yy/yy 1st Team Team Photograph

Need help with date here

19yy/yy 1st XV Team Photograph

Back Row: Ray Morgan; Frank Freman; Steve Dixon; John Elthick, Brian Arnold; John Buffery; Chris Tonge; Keith Russell.

Front Row: Dave Rydon; Paul Edwards; Colin Uden; Ray Coulthard; Tim Sanders; Dave Jones; Alan Edwards.

2003 President's Golf Day

Won by Scott Roots

2003 President's Golf Day

?, ?, Gary daLuz Vieira, ? Nick Millett, Dave Hammond, Steve Wright, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?