Don Summers Memories

Don Summers played for the club between 1959 and 197x. Besides playing for all the teams, Don also assisted on the Committee as Treasurer.In the links to the left, Don has submitted a couple of team photo's but can't place the years. If you're in the pictures, perhaps you could help?

196x/6x 1st XV Team Photograph

I think this was the 1st Team, pictured at Eastleigh.

Eastleigh were unbeaten all season, until we played them in that March.

The local newspaper wanted a shot of their latest victims, but as we weren't, the photo wasn't published.

196x/6x 1st XV Team Photo

Back row: Derek Manners, David Philips, Tony Stevens, Ron Payne , Eddie Athey, Steve Dixon.

Middle row: Ray Coulthard, Ray Morgan, Frank Freeman, Dick Bradley, Don Summers.

Front row: Griff Griffiths, Martin Adamson, Tim Sanders, Dave Endacott.

196y/6y 1st XV Team Photograph

Here's one photo from way back when, taken by an Oxford Mail chap, who carefully recorded all the names.

196y/6y 1st XVTeam Photograph

Back row:Barry Holliday, Ray Spencer (Whack), Alan Edwards, Brian Smith (Smudger), Carl Woods, Alan White, Don Summers, Mick Galpin.

Front row: Steve Elliott, Ray Coulthard, Mick Clarke, Terry Flanagan, Basil England, Joe Corrigan, Bob Evans.