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Harwell Boys have long been renowned in rugby circles for their hospitality and good humour, both on and off the pitch. But life happens, knees wear out, careers take us around the world and we inevitably lose touch with team mates of years gone by.

However, as they say, you can take the boy out of Harwell but you can't take Harwell out of the Old Boy! So, on this site we encourage Harwell Old Boys to get back in touch with each other, arrange events (aka HOB-NOBs) and generally re-engage with Harwell RFC. You won't be surprised to find today's club just as welcoming, just as friendly and still re-cycling old jokes and tales of daring-do on the pitch.

So, dig out your photo album, scratch your head for whats-his-name's name and see if he's already on the HOBs In Touch page. If not, drop us a line via the Contact Us page and we'll add him to the list of HOBs we're trying to get in touch with. Better still, search your contacts list and phone book for some contact details and let us have those too.

Team Photos

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Next Hob-Nob - November 27th, 2021

Pre-match lunch and catch up

Meet at 12.30 at the Sports Pavilion

Watch the current crop in action

Kick-off 14.30

Regroup afterwards at

Royal British Legion Club, Harwell

Lost & Found

Found - March 2021 - Geoff Wond

Found - November 2021 - Chris Noble

Found - November 2021 - David Beaven

Found - November 2021 - Andrew Blease

Found - November 2021 - Andrew Lee

Found - November 2021 - David Paton

Found - November 2021 - Jeremy Hill

Found - November 2021 - Kevin Law

Found - November 2021 - Lewis Giddings

Found - November 2021 - Matthew Croucher

Found - November 2021 - Matthew Rushton

Found - November 2021 - Peter Davies

Found - November 2021 - Peter Way

Found - November 2021 - Philip White

Found - November 2021 - Robert John

Found - November 2021 - Simon Morse


Sad News - Larry Lewis.

Unfortunately, Larry Lewis passed away unexpectedly on 13th December.

His son's Rhys and Adrian will let us know abour funeral arrangements as they are clarified.