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WAGGS Recall Another 75 HOB Names

posted 27 Mar 2012, 03:51 by Andy Langman   [ updated 3 May 2012, 10:30 ]

WAGGS (Wrinkly Auld Gentlemen's Golf Society) comprises predominantly of Harwell Old Boys.

In descending age order, they are: Brian Arnold, Dave Hammond, Ted Lewis, Steve Wright, Pete McIntyre, Paul Browning, Andy Langman and Nick Millett plus golfing friends Bill and Jeff.

The original WAGGS group has been touring for approximately 17 years (no-one can actually remember!). Latterly, the group has been joined by Andy and Pete, who stepped in when others were too ill to travel and refused to leave since!
Always touring outside the UK, this year's was March 21st - 26th when they swapped a UK steeped in early spring sunshine for a sometimes cloudy and cool Fuengirola, Spain.

This year the assembled elders had a new mental challenge (beyond wondering why they play golf so badly but still insist on touring), which was to recall as many old friends' names as they could. Ignoring those names already on the web site, they managed a massive 75, bringing the names of HOBs to a staggering 153, at time of this post.

Unfortunately, we currently have contact details for only 52. 

So, the search is now on for 101 email addresses .... please take a look at the In Touch page and let us have any contact details you may have.