Origin: The verb hobnob originally meant "to drink together" and occurred as various phrases: hob or nob, hob-a-nob, hob and nob, the first of which was recorded in 1763. This phrasal form reflects the origins of the verb in similar phrases that were used when two people toasted each other.

Historical Meaning: To mix socially, especially with those of perceived higher social status.

Modern Meaning: To re-engage, eat, drink and recount endless tales of on and off pitch heroics.

HOBs At Large - March 8th, 2014

March 8th 2014 Hob-Nob (29 Attendees)

Left to Right: Steve Dixon, Pete Philips, Rick Thomas, Bob Humphreys, Brian Jones, Colin Banks, Paul Browning, Dick Sambell,        Kieran Murphy, John Attree, Nolan Thomson, Dougie Bosley, Kev Law, Paul Coles, Dennis Keen, Nick Millett, Gary daLuz Vieira,      Pete McIntyre, Brian Arnold, Andy Langman, Paul (Guest), Kev lewis, Bryan Pigott, Paul Thompson

Not in picture: Taff Rossiter, John Fisher, Dick Homewood, Kev Law, Rob McMillan, Simon Henderson, Steve Wright, Tim Elliott

HOBs At Large - December 7th, 2013

December 7th 2013 Hob-Nob (25 Attendees)

Left to Right: Andy Langman, Kev Lewis, Dick Sambell, Nick Millett, Eddie Forsyth, Pete Duffy, Gary daluz Vieira, Dave Hammond, Kieran Murphy, Simon Henderson, Chris Cairns, Pete Edwards, Nolan Thompson, Paul Edwards, Brian Jones, Brian Arnold, Colin Banks

Not in picture: Steve Wright, Jerry Burbage, Tim Evans, Pete Philips, Harold Connolly, Bas England, John Fisher, Dick Homewood

HOBs At Large - September 28th, 2013

September 28th 2013 Hob-Nob (30+ Attendees but we forgot to take the picture when they were all there!)

HOBs At Large - August 16th, 2013

August 16th 2013 HOB Golfers at Grove RFC Golf Day

Bob Evans, Steve Wright, Nick Millett, Paul Coles, Andy Langman, Pete McIntyre, Paul Browning, Tim Evans

HOBs At Large - April 6th, 2013

April 6th 2013 Hob-Nob (39 Attendees)

Left to Right: John Buffery, Taff Rossiter , Tim Evans, John Attree, Pete Philips, Pete Duffy, Steve Wright, Martin Whitelock,                Dave Hammond, Simon Henderson, Ted Lewis, Andy Langman, Dennis Keen, Gary DaLuz Vieira, Colin Banks, Kev Lewis, Sue Bartlett, Nick Millett, Jenny Bosley, Kev Law, Doug Bosley, Ellie ?, Pete McIntyre, Chris Cairns, Tim Elliott, Steve Dixon, Bob Humphreys,          Pete Edwards, Nolan Thompson, Eddie Forsyth, Brian Arnold, Jerry Burbage, Don Summers, Dick Sambell, Mike Duck, Scott Roots,    Paul Browning, Bert Blewett, Simon Edwards

Not in picture: John Fisher, Dick Homewood, Pete Roots

HOBs At Large - October 6th, 2012

October 2012 HobnobOctober 6th 2012 Hob-Nob (31 Attendees)

Left to Right: Pete Philips, Paul Browning, Richard Radcliffe, Jim Homer, Andy Langman, Gary daLuz Vieira, Yorkie Flemming,           Nigel Prosser, Paul Coles, Eddie Forsyth, Ray Coulthard, Colin Banks, Doug Bosley, Steve Wright, Brian Arnold, John Attree,            Robbie Morgan, Colin Bartlett, Tim Elliott, Richard Homewood, Simon Henderson, Kevin Lewis, Nick Millett, Dennis Keen,                 Pete McIntyre, Brian Jones, John Fisher, John Hill, Colin MacDonald, Paul Thompson, Don Summers, Steve Dixon

HOBs At Large - March 5th, 2012

March 5th 2012 Hob-Nob (27 Attendees)