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Newsletter - May 2012

posted 9 May 2012, 15:17 by Andy Langman


Well, the web site's been set up for just 2 months now and already it's grown beyond all expectations. Apart from being in touch with over 80 old boys, we have about 150 photos and other memorabilia for you to look at, we have loads of Magic Moments to make you smile and quite a few old faces in photos that need a name putting to them! What better way to spend a coffee break?

This is our first newsletter, I won't be sending them out too frequently but I thought it was a good way to summarise progress so far and to let you know how you can help this thing to grow even more (said the actress etc.)!

The Oldest Team Photo So Far ...

Submitted to the club some time ago by T.F. Williams (apologies for the formality, does anyone know TF's first name?), this team photo was taken in the 1950/51 season. That was, of course, only the club's 4th season. The chances are that earlier photos were taken but, of course, the number of players from that era is dwindling, as are the chances of finding photos. 

So, the race is on to find players from the first few years of the club and see if they have team pictures of 1947/48, 1948/49 & 1949/50.

Can you help? Do you have any contact details of players from back then? If so, please pass them on, better still, why not try to get in touch yourself?

In Touch Progress

Email Addresses Confirmed
Email Addresses Not Confirmed
No Email Addresses
Confirmed As Having Passed Away

Full details can be found at In Touch

In Touch Progress ...

When a group of us got together last November we scraped together 16 email addresses of Harwell Old Boys, most of whom meet up regularly for a game of golf.

By March 3rd we had 30 email addresses a small list of names we needed to get in touch with.

Since then things have snowballed, we now have a list of 205 Harwell Old Boys names, who we believe are still alive, we have 82 with email addresses and are searching for contact details for the rest.

I've set a target of having 100 email addresses by the begining of next season. So, come on, get hunting ... just pick 2 names from the list on the In Touch page and do all you can to find them!


Next HOB NOB ...

Is it only 2 months since we had our first HOB-Nob? It seems like years ago already.

Many of you have been asking when the next one will be.

So, the club committee has been asked to set 2 or 3 dates for next season when we can have HOB-NOBs. The first will be early to mid September, no date is fixed yet due to the fixture list not being confirmed. I'll get an email out just as soon as I have details.

Got any ideas on what format the next meeting should take? If so, let me know.

How's Your Memory? ...

If nothing else, this web site is all about your memories. I'm sure that as you look through the photos and read about what other people remember, many memories will flood back to you. Well, don't let the dust settle back on your little grey cells, pop those thoughts down in an email to me or use the Contact Us page, if that's easier. 

No matter how insignificant the thought may be to you, the chances are it will set off a small chain reaction for others. I'm happy to put as many memories, photos and magic moments up on the web site as you care to send through!

Why stop there, do you have any old newspaper cuttings, AERE News Reports, Fixture Cards? These are all great memory joggers and make facinating reading, even if we weren't there at the time!

And Finally!

Don't forget the challenge at the top of the page .... players and team photos from 1947 to 1950 need to be found, get digging through those scrap albums, photo albums and telephone directories.... anywhere that there might just be a hidden gem!

Thanks for your help so far!

Ed. (aka Andy)