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Newsletter - July 2012

posted 24 Jul 2012, 08:24 by Andy Langman   [ updated 24 Jul 2012, 13:48 ]

Welcome Back!

Well, we're about in the middle of the closed season, and there's some minor sporting event kicking off down the road in London. What better time to catch up on what's been happening behind the scenes with the Harwell Old Boys in this, our second Newsletter. The web site continues to grow, although at a somewhat more leisurely pace than in the first couple of months. The number of contacts also continues to grow and we look certain to reach the magic 100 mark by the beginning of the new season! As you'll read below, we've found some real treasures in the archives.

So, take some time out to read this news letter and let us know what you think we could do next to help get people in touch with us and with each other!

Finally, I'm sure that some of you, like me, still haven't dusted off the photo albums and memorabilia files. So, go on, get the duster out and exercise those grey cells, we'd all love to share your memories of your time with Harwell RFC.

Regards Andy

Our Latest, Earliest Team Photograph ...

Believe it or not, the oldest known Harwell RFC team photo has now become this one, taken of the 1948/49 team, the club's second season. This photo was unearthed in the AERE News Archives at Harwell, more about that below.

The question is: Can anyone name the players? Clearly, several of them may also be in the previous oldest photo of the 1950/51 team.

I'll buy a pint for the person who names the most! So, go on, make yourself a cup of tea, put your Sunday-best reading spec's on and see how many you can name!

See enlarged versions of the 1948/49 and the 1950/51 team photos on the same page by going to 1948/49 Team Photo

AERE News Archives Unearthed ...

For those of you who worked on site, you'll no doubt recall the weekly Atomic Energy Research Establishment newsletter (AERE News). In the pre-internet age, this newsletter was the only way of communicating effectively around the site.

Thanks to Colin Banks and his bright idea of getting in touch with Iron Mountain Nuclear Records to see if they had any back issues of the AERE News, we've been fortunate enough to secure copies of all Rugby Club reports that appeared in the AERE News in the founding year of the club, 1947. They make fascinating reading and show the effort, organisation, good-will and humour that went in ahead of founding the club in September of that year. They also tell the story of the ups and downs of the first season, memories that otherwise would have been lost.

We are indebted to Mark Constance of Iron Mountain Nuclear Records for his efforts to retrieve and provide copies of the original documents. Since his initial efforts, Mark has gone on to unearth the 1948/49 team photo and is now sending through copies of the following seasons' AERE News reports. As time permits, these will be typed up for posterity on these pages.

If anyone is able to offer some time to help in the typing up of the reports I, for one, would be eternally grateful! I estimate about 2 hours per year of reports for a two-fingered typist such as me!

AERE News archives can be located in AERE News Memories.

In Touch Progress

Email Addresses Confirmed
Names But No Email Addresses
Confirmed As Having Passed Away

Full details can be found at In Touch

In Touch Progress ...

When a group of us got together last November we scraped together 16 email addresses of Harwell Old Boys. By March 3rd we had 30 email addresses, now look how we're doing, pretty good! Almost at the magic 100 mark!

Additionally, everyone named in photos on this web site is now also listed on the In Touch pages. Clearly, given the age of some of the photos, a good number of our former club-mates will no longer be with us. If you know of anyone listed on the In Touch pages that has now passed on, please let us know and we'll get that person moved to the HOB's Who Have Passed On page.

Getting You In Touch With Each Other ...

OK, so it's great that we have a list of people that I know the email addresses of, but what would be better would be if you could all contact each other without having to know those email addresses. So, I had a word with the technical team at DomainMonster and they did me a huge favour in setting up a system whereby you can email anyone on the HOBs In Touch page without knowing their email address. 

Full details of how this works, with an example, can be found at How To Email HOBs

Dates For Your Calendars ...

  • Date of next HOB NOB: This has been set as October 6th, 2012. Full details of who, what and where will be sent out to all email addresses during the next couple of weeks. Cost is likely to be in the order of £10 - £15 for lunch and we'll run a raffle to raise funds towards a new set of shirts for the club. In the mean time, please mark you calendars and drop me an email indicating whether you are a YES / NO / MAYBE.
  • Grove 40th Anniversary Golf Day: Grove celebrate 40 years this year so their golf society day is to be held at Drayton on August 17th and they thought it would be nice to have a few teams of players from the local clubs they played when they started. There will be teams of old players from Grove, Didcot, Harwell, Abingdon and other clubs. Some Harwell players are already signed up. If you haven't already been in touch with John Fisher, please email me and I will pass your details on to him. Cost is £35 for a full day's activities including breakfast before and meal after the golf.
New IdeasNew Things On Site ...

As well as How To Email HOBs and the AERE News Memories, there are a couple of other changes:
  • You now have an option to not only view Memories By Contributor but  also Memories By Year. These are the same memories but put in chronological order so you can see the progress of the club along the timeline from 1947 onward.
  • There is now a Club History section containing:
    • A list of life members
    • A Roll Of Honour showing the past and present incumbents of the key club offices. 

What Next? A Search For Pensioners

If anyone out there is in receipt of an AERE pension, could they please get in touch with me. I have a cunning plan for getting in touch with our long lost and retired team mates (or their surviving relatives)!

And Finally ... An Action For You ...

The Contact Us page now has room for you to enter the years you played for the club and the details of where you now live. Please go to the Contact Us page and send us these details. Details we currently have are shown alongside your name on the HOBs In Touch page. Obviously, if they are correct, there's no need to send them through again!

Cheers for now