1997/98 Harwell 50th Anniversary

Harwell's 50th Anniversary celebrations of an old boys match against a Harwell XV, followed by formal dinner at AERE Harwell Restaurant on Saturday 6th September will, for all concerned, be better remembered as the day of the funeral of Princess Di.

The teams observed a minute's silence before a thrilling, action packed match, which probably resulted in a win for one or other of the sides and a promise by many present to not really come out of retirement.

John Inverdale was a rather subdued guest speaker at the dinner.

More details on Princess Di's funeral here

1997/98 The Old Boys XV - 50th Anniversary Game
Richard Radcliffe, Di Jones, Pete Phillips, Nick Millett, Andy Langman, ? , Steve Wright, Mike Yates, Ray Coulthard, Richard Homewood,
 Brian Flanders
Colin Bartlett, Simon Edwards, Alan Poulter, Simon Roots, Brian Arnold, Ted Lewis, ?

1997/98 The Harwell XV - 50th Anniversary Game
John Dawson, Chris Mason, Brian Pigott, James Connolly, Spud Murphy, Rob Ponting, Mike Aiery, Huw Waters
Martin Whitelock, Andy Whitford, Doug Bosley, Kev Lewis, Steve Pitts, Simon Henderson, Jim Douglas

Photo 3: September 1997, After match pose!

Photo 4: September 1997, After drink sing song!
Doug Bosley, Mark the Bar, Spike, Tony Carter, Gary de Luz, Andy Langman, Paul Coles, Kev Lewis, Nick Millett

Photo 5: September 1997, After dinner aftermath
Simon Edwards, Paul Thompson, Tim Evans,  Richard Radcliffe, Paul Coles, Nick Millett, Pete Duffy, Andy Langman, Pete McIntyre
Tony Carter,Gary de Luz, Helen Carter, Jerry Burbage, Izzy Langman