1988/89 Portugal Tour

Flew from Heathrow, stayed in Estoril. Played Coimbra 2nds and drew 4-4. Terrible meal of fat and beans. The following day the bus never arrived and so we ended up taking taxi's and arriving rather late to find we were playing the national squad. We lost 134-0, which was some achievement as England had only beaten them by 60 odd. The highlight of the match was when a bit of skulduggery was going on in the front row and John Attree was heard to state 'There is no need for that rough stuff you are going to win the game regardless, if you continue then I shall pick the ball up and go home'. Not sure how well it was translated into Portuguese but it seemed to work!
1988/89 Portugal Tour - Prior To Playing Portuguese National Side
Back Row: Noel Thompson, Andy Langman, Ronnie Ross, Ted Lewis, Spud Murphy, Duncan Mcmillan, 
Rob Ponting, John Attree, H, Mike Yates, Jinxy, Nick Millett, Brian Arnold
 Front Row: Nigel Cook, Rob Mcmillan, Julian Godfrey, Gary de Luz Vieira, Phil Scott, Morris, Chris Mason

1988/89 Portugal Tour - Coimbra - Red Nose Day
Back Row: Mike Yates, Ted Lewis, Jinxy, Ronnie Ross, Dave Hammond, H, John Attree , Gary da Luz Vieira, 
Rob Ponting, Spud Murphy, Nolan Thomas, Phil Scott, Rob Mcmillan, 
Front Row: Chris Mason, Andy Langman, Morris, Nigel Cook,?, Brian Arnold, Julian Godfrey, Paul Browning