1986/87 Jersey Tour

The famous tour when our second team lost 82-0 to Birmingham Medics after we'd been out drinking with the "opposition" the night before, only to find out that Birmingham Medics took rugby very seriously and sent their drinking team out with us!

As a result of this organisational fiasco, tour organiser, Andy Langman, was selected to organise the next tour, on the basis that surely nothing could be worse than this! The next tour was to Portugal, say no more!

The team photo is of the second day when we beat Beeches 24-8 (they only had 14 men!)!

1986/87 Jersey Touring Party
Back 2 rows: Mark, Guy, Richard Radcliffe, Larry Lewis, Duncam McMillan, Neil, Paul Coles, Steve Wright, Tim Evans, Paul Browning, Ted Lewis, Dave Hammond, Graham, Morris, Pete, Nick Millett
Front row: Voodo, Doug Bosley, Rob Harding, John Hill, Gary De Luz, Rob McMillan, Nigel Cook, Andy Langman, Jinxy, H, Dennis Keen 
John Attree was also there but had gone for a walk!

1986/87 Jersey Tour
Back Row: Larry Lewis; Chris Cairns; Graham Bealand; H; Steve Wright; Andy Langman; Ted Lewis; Paul Coles; Duncan McMillan
Front Row: Gary daLuz Vieira; Richard Radcliffe; Dougie Bosley; Nigel Cook; Paul Browning; Nick Millett