1982/83 Jersey (Non Rugby) Tour

Well, blow me down, the editor has no recollection of this tour, yet there he is on the train.

Apparently, a representative team, lamenting the absence of a formal tour in 1983, took a long weekend to travel by train from Didcot to Portsmouth and then on by Ferry to Jersey, where much after match jollity ensued, although there was no match!

Ah, halcyon days when alcohol was liberally available on good old British Rail. See below also for the dangers of the fresh Jersey air when a sound nap is required, those seagulls must have been large! 


Photo 1: 1983  Jersey (non rugby) Tour. 
Our Intrepid Travellers Sample The BR Cocktail Cabinet
H (Harry) Copland, Duncan McMillan, Tim Evans, Andy Langman, Tony Carter, Jerry Burbage

Photo 2: In A Bar, No Flash!
Back row: Harold, Jinxy, Tony, Duncan, Sweeney
Front row: Jerry, Morris (Chris), Robert, Doug

Photo 3: Sleep My Pretty! An Early Night For The Welsh Contingent.

Photo 4: The Shite Hawk Cometh!

Photo 5: Jinxsy Receives All Due Care And Attention As The Fresh Jersey Air Get To Him