1979/80 Great Yarmouth Tour

What do you call a collection of kleptomaniacs? Answer, Aldwell Lions!

Nick's memories in his own words:

April 1980. Another combined tour with Aldermaston - Aldwell. Mini bus trip to meet Aldermaston at Great Yarmouth for their Easter rugby festival weekend. 

Harwell provided most of the backs and Aldermaston most of the forwards. 

To the chagrin of Yarmouth, we beat their firsts on day one by a single point! To celebrate the fact we managed to close a pub and get ourselves banned 'for making too much noise'! Day two saw us stuff some team (Leicester? Northampton?) we then returned to a pub that would have us - Divers. 

No game on Easter Sunday, so we sent our scouts out to prepare for The Great Heist. On the Monday, in broad daylight, and much to the disbelief of the families that were actually playing crazy golf at the time ... we nicked a plastic lion from hole 3! We returned the following year and borrowed a crocodile!


I may be wrong but I also recall a lawnmower, a radiator, an iron gate, a standard lamp and an ironing board appeared to support us pitch-side on our final game, much to the amusement of the local coppers, who suggested we might just return them and they'd forget about it!