1977/78 Longford Tour

Ah! Another fine Harwell tradition of the 70's ... dummies! Dummies were to be carried at all times, be it training nights or match days. On the shout of "Dummies" from anyone, all present had to insert said plastic baby calmer into their mouth, last to complete the task paid a forfeit, usually alcohol related!

Nick's memories in his own words:

March 1978. A combined tour with Aldermaston. We flew to Dublin and then had a long coach trip to Athlone - they weren't expecting us so no game! 

We travelled on to Longford and stayed in a hotel. As it was Good Friday all the town pubs were closed, being hotel residents we were allowed to drink in the hotel, we were making so much noise we pulled the locals in from miles around! 

The following day we lost 4-0 to Longford and it snowed during the game. Easter Sunday we travelled 40 miles to play 2 games in a 7-a-side comp - we lost both but drank the fixture back. The last day Pete Duffy and I were in charge of the kitty, very strangely we were much more inebriated then anybody else - the joys of port and brandy. 

One of the highlights happened when we got back to Dublin airport. Simon Henderson had bought some bottles of Guinness, he accidentally dropped them on the floor were they promptly shattered with a loud noise, as it was during the troubles in the North, several people dived for cover!
Photo 1: Biffo (A), Simon Henderson, Rod Paddock, Lester Ferguson, Pete Duffy

Photo 2: John Seaman (A), Pete Duffy, Barman, Simon Henderson, John Attree

Photo 3: Pete Ford (A), Rod Paddock, Biffo (A), Simon Paul, Lester Ferguson, ?, Jed (A), John Attree, ?, Simon Henderson, ?,?