1968/69 Abingdon & Beer Barrel 7's

 We don't have any photos of this yet, does anyone of you winners out there have a scrap album?

An extract from the AERE RUGBY CLUB NEWS SHEET, October 1969

4. Congratulations are due to our successful 7's teams

The team wining the Ivor Boas Plate Competition was:-
M. Adamson (Capt.)
R. Coulthard
G. Griffith
M. Galpin
J. Pike
J. Buffery
D. Pullen

More surprising was the success of the scratch side at the Beer Barrel 7's. The team consisted of:-
R. Coulthard (Capt.)
W. Bickerdyke
R. Morgan
G. Rhodes
M. Galpin
J. Corrigan
D. Madden