Brian Arnold Memories

Much has been said by and about "Dad" and his time at Harwell. A rugby career that didn't start until an age at which most of us were thinking of hanging up "our old black boots". His 40 seasons representing Harwell on the pitch from 1965/66 through 2004/05 overlapped with his continuing off-pitch role as President of the club, which commenced back in 1981.

Here, in his own words, in an extract from the programme for the 50th anniversary of the club, he sums up feelings shared by many current and Old Harwell Boys. The words and sentiments still as relevant today, as then:

Having been concerned personally with the club since 1965/66 season, memories are flooding back - not necessarily of special games, of which we had quite a few, but more of people (literally hundreds) that have played for us during my time here. 

People like Ray Coulthard who always seemed to upset the opposition and the referee with his special version of the Rugby League "Cumberland Yonk" tackle; or that of the fiery ginger haired prop who, after eating his half-time orange, would squeeze the peel on to his forehead; on receiving queries about this would reply "it may get in their eyes!"; or John Pike, a scrum half of no little skill who, most games, would deposit his breakfast and the ball behind the opponent's try line; or John Fisher after getting changed for the game would dot Vaseline on all the usual places then finish off by swallowing a large dollop - and the young fellow working at Compton Animal Research Labs., on being asked what he did there, reluctantly and in some length of time, admitted (or at least his friend (?) did for him) that his job entailed sexually exciting chickens to obtain their semen - the mind boggled!!

I could fill a book with people's idiosyncrasies, foibles and special talents, but I suspect we all have our own special memories. All of which have contributed to some wonderful times and brought me into contact with a host of chaps who I feel privileged to call friends.


Photo 1: Brian in 1991 with son-in-law Pete Roots and grandson Simon
On the occasion of his 60th birthday.