1948/49 1st XV Team Photograph

In searching the archives for AERE News Rugby Club reports, Mark Constance uncovered this team photo from the club's second season. We don't have many names against the players yet but I'm sure the eagle-eyed amongst you will be able to pick out a few recognisable faces from other team photos.

So that you can compare faces with the 1950/51 team photo easily, that one is included further down this page
1948/49 1st XV Team Photograph 
Back Row: ?, ?, John Morrison, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bob Batchelor, ?
Front Row: ?, ?, ?, Bob Jackson, Hugh Roskell, ?

Photo 2 Team Photo 1950 / 51
Back Row: F. S. (Frank) Richards (Touch Judge); Bill Howe; D. J. M.(Judge) Bevan; L.O. (Laurie) Brown; Ron Newcombe; Clayton Evans; R. W. P. McWhirter; Bob Batchelor; N. J. D. (Nigel) Prosser; W. E. (Bill) Crompton ( Referee). 
Front Row: J. E. (Jack) Cameron; E. (Paddy) Hurley; Hugh Roskell; H. A. (Dai) Roberts (Captain); T. F. Williams; J. G. S. (John) Biram; Hamish Small.